Seattle's Tribute to Eric Clapton


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Ed & Scott

Performing lead vocals is none  other than ED TISSUE, a local Everett Talent who has been providing incredible performances for over 30 years.

  Joining Ed on Lead Guitar is the amazing  SCOTT DONALDSON with over 25 years experience applied to the timeless guitar motifs and rhythms of Eric Clapton. 


The Men behind the Men

Behind Ed and Scott are additional seasoned performers: GEOFF SADDLER on drums, JIM SAVERY on Bass,  RICK ERICSON on Rhythm Gtr, and JOHN PAREDES on Keyboards .  All masters at their craft with over 75 years of combined experience in the studio and on stage.


Power, Skills & Beauty - The Package

Providing outstanding harmonies as well as incredible skills on Sax and Flute are VALERIE HUDSON (Vocals) and DEE LAWLESS (Vocals, Sax, Flute).  Along with Geoff, Jim and John, these ladies provide a combined 30+  years of  rich stage experience providing solid support for Ed and Scott.

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